Popsicle spreading his calypso wings

This Crop–Over season look out for former calypso King Popsicle dominating not only the Pic–O–De–Crop competition but also Party Monarch.

And he assured Bajan Vibes this morning that if all goes well, Raanan Hackett a semifinalist in this year’s Junior Calypso Monarch competition who he has been working closely with and wrote a song for, Learn To Swim, would win the Junior Monarch title.

Popsicle’s 2013 Party Monarch entry is Party Animal and his social commentaries are: Entrepreneur and Crime Stoppers. Last Saturday night at the second LIME/HOT 95.3 FM Cavalcade at Belleplaine in St. Andrew he “tested the waters” be giving the audience a tease of Crime Stoppers and he said, it received “a very good response” and a buzz is now going around about it.

The song deals with the crime causing aspects: cash for gold, people becoming targets because they carry large amounts of cash and soft targets, such as, tourists.

”I find that these three areas had to be dealt with, there are much more than three but you can’t deal with all in a song. I have made sure that I have not one song but two songs that are equally good and as far as I am concerned both songs

are equally good,” he said. “Popsicle is versatile, I can express myself in any form using any style. People

feel Popsicle now come pun the scene … people feel one crown ain’t no crown, some people can win with one song or one and a half but for up and coming artistes you have to bring two really strong songs to take this thing,” he said.

To say that he intended to bring “good music” this year to go all the way in the competitions would be an understatement.

He stated: “Every time I take up the microphone, don’t matter where it be… expect dynamic performances, exciting lyrics from Popsicle cause I just cannot allow myself to be ordinary, I’m trying to win two crowns this year, Party Monarch and Pic-O–De–Crop.

”I think the way an artist should measure him or herself is by their last or best performance. I am not going to be competing against the rest of artistes I will be competing against myself because I have set standard for myself, I think is extremely high, and in order to maintain that standard and exceed that standard I will have to be great and not back slide from my last best performance.” (KC)

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