Pan-Africanists get ready

David Denny
David Denny

Local Pan-Africanists will join with people of like mind from across the world to celebrate African Liberation Day on May 25.

However, this year’s celebration will be dedicated to the late Pan-Africanist and social activist, Glenroy Straughn. One of the organisers of the event, David Denny, told members of the Press that a number of organisations had come together to celebrate the day.

Among the organisations participating in the event will be the Pan-African Movement of Barbados, the Israel Lovell Foundation, the Cuba/Barbados Friendship Association, African Reparation Incorporated, the Clement Payne Movement, the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration and the July 26 Movement.

He pointed out that the groups had received some measure of support from the Commission for Pan-African Affairs to organise an NGO activity for the celebration of the day. Denny explained that a Pan-African Youth Rally will be held on May 24, at Pelican Village where the Pinelands Creative Workshop will be presented with the Glenroy Straughn Community Development Award, and then on May 25, there will be a Pan-African Youth Conference which will give some recognition to Straughn.

He disclosed that at the end of both activities the Pan-Africanists would organise a march from Pelican Village to the Spirit Bond where a report on the deliberations will be presented to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

Onkphra Wells
Onkphra Wells

Meanwhile, Onkphra Wells noted that African Liberation Day had been celebrated for some time, therefore all Pan-Africanists should look at its relevance.

“We will be looking at the history of African Liberation Day and its relevance, a report on reparations, the African Union and their programme for the peoples of African descent within the Diaspora. We will also be looking at a Pan-African calendar for Barbados,” Wells said.

Wells explained that the celebrations will take place at Pelican Village because the location had become a ghost town. He said he hoped to stage a programme every two weeks and then one every week when the Crop-Over activities were in full swing.

Wells, one of the craftsmen operating from Pelican Village, said he hoped to stage an event called Last Lap at Pelican Village so that craftsmen could generate some sales to tourists returning home. This will include an entertainment package that will feature performers as Lion Soul with Nicole Peach Pilgrim; Rhesa Garnes and Lisa Griffith, along with some of the young entertainers from the Richard Stoute Teen Talent contest, Haynesville Youth Group, the Israel Lovell Foundation, Charles Odell, Victor Tula Lewis and Adrian Greene. (NC)

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