Nellie’s ragga soca gym

nellieIn preparation for Crop-Over festivities you often see women galore in gyms exercising, on the roads jogging, eating healthier all in the effort to get their bodies in shape.

Not very often do you hear about men getting fit for the season but this year singer Nellie, has a remedy to help them get this done.

Having said that she is not doing this in the form of a new gym, instead she has brought a song to get them on their feet. It is a ragga soca track called Private Gym which was produced by Radar Studio and written by veteran entertainer, Smokey Burke who commented that her execution of the tune was “exuberant” and “enthusiastic”. The newcomer told Barbados TODAY the song spoke to men about coming into a gym where all their needs would be catered for, moreover describing herself as the “quintessential trainer for men”.

“[I] work them hard and get them up and going. Once you go in you can’t escape, once you’re out you’re in good shape,” she said. And added she was hoping persons like the track and request it on the radio stations.

“I would love the opportunity to perform it but I feel great about having the opportunity to sing it in the first place,” said the young woman. In 2009 Nellie released her first song titled Grind Up On Me and she revealed she was interested in both singing and song writing with a hope to branch off in other genres in the near future.

Not sure as yet if the Barbadian public will hear another track from her this season, she however encouraged them to listen out for another release

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