Gunmen kill neighbour who witnessed assault

PORT OF SPAIN — A handyman was shot dead after witnessing his neighbour being gang-raped in Diego Martin on Monday night.

According to reports, shortly before midnight 52-year-old Robbie Portell was outside his home when he saw three armed men entering his neighbour’s property. Police said the three men entered the 29-year-old woman’s house and robbed her. She told investigators the men threatened her with guns before they took turns raping her. Before leaving they stole the keys for her Nissan Almera.

Police said when the men were leaving they saw Portell standing near a window of the woman’s house. The men attacked him, bundled him into the woman’s car and sped off. Less than 30 minutes later, police received a report of gunshots at Superville Quarry, Petit Valley.

Shot several times

They found the stolen car abandoned with Portell’s body in the back seat. He had been shot several times in the head and upper body.

The car was impounded by homicide detectives. The woman was taken to the St. James Medical Facility, where she was examined. There were no arrests up to late yesterday. (Guardian)

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