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Kenneth King
Kenneth King

Entrepreneurship and mentorship have been paired in a programme being spearheaded by the St. James South Constituency Council in hopes of driving residents to begin thinking about starting their own businesses.

Chairman of the Council, Keith King, noted that there was a lot of potential in the constituency, but often those wanting to start businesses did not know where to go or have the necessary assistance readily available.

“[W]e are here today to launch our Community Entrepreneurship and Mentorship Programme. Developing the spirit of entrepreneurship is one of the key tenets of the constituency council … and so this council has appointed an entrepreneurship committee headed by [Richard] Kennedy, to be able to help build on these tenets.

“The key activities of the committee will be to create a database of the entrepreneurs and businesses in our constituency to promote the businesses…, to develop the technical skills of the entrepreneurs in this environment and to mentor existing and new entrepreneurs.

“We have identified that there is a tremendous amount of potential among our people, but in many instances they do not know where to go next; they have much talent, but at the same time how to turn this talent into a money earning opportunity?” King said was the question young business owners were asking themselves.

There were several businesses, where the challenge was being able to move beyond the start up, King stated, adding that lack of ideas, economics, lack of leadership or even business acumen were among the issues. Therefore, these and other issues were being targeted by the council.

“This programme is intended to touch all aspects of business development. It is not only about entrepreneurship, it is also about mentorship, because we need to guide our people, just don’t let them go, but mould them, walk with them,” he noted.

A six-member committee had been established to do just that, and would also form a database of resources and businesses in the constituency towards helping the residents, he added.

Head of the committee, Richard Kennedy remarked that there were a number of people in the constituency that wanted to give back, and with the country’s strong focus now on producing entrepreneurs, it was the perfect mesh for that desire to contribute while creating the businesses necessary to drive a new economy.

The committee encouraged constituents to get involved by contacting the council at or calling the office at 421-8427. (LB)

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