Cleaning up Crop-Over

rompbandlaunchNormally, the Sanitation Service Authority is part of the clean up crew for Grand Kadooment however this year they will be apart of event with their band Symphony- Playing in Perfect Harmony.

The theme of the band Symphony is a tribute to the Sanitation Service Authority and their environmental friends and the costumes represent the different sections of the SSA.

Social hostess of the Sanitation Service Authority, Sonia Outram, told Bajan Vibes said that they hope to bring a positive light and awareness, that there is more to SSA than just garbage.

“Our band is divided into five sections derived from the sections of an orchestra to show that the many departments are like the various instruments of an orchestra working together in perfect harmony to create a symphony,” she said.

The band, which was launched on Monday at Fitts Village Beach in St. James, is looking at having 300 revellers

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