Catlyn BHL’s top choice

Damien Catlyn (left) receives award from BHL CEO Richard Cozier.
Damien Catlyn (left) receives award from BHL CEO Richard Cozier.

A young man who has been with Pine Hill Dairy for just over two years, has won the prestigious CEO Award of Excellence as the most outstanding employee across the entire Banks Holdings Group of Companies.

Thirty two year old Damien Catlyn, who is the grouping’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Energy Officer, not only received that award this afternoon during the 10th anniversary of the CEO’s Award of Excellence at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, but also Employee of the Year at Pine Hill Dairy.

Catlyn was favoured by the CEO over his four rivals from the other BHL subsidiaries, who were themselves, Employees of the Year at their own work places.

BHL Chief Executive Officer, Richard Cozier, said he finally decided on Catlyn because he was able to change an entire culture of people doing things in a particular way, in the short time he was at the dairy and the fact that his mandate involved an environmental issue.

Cozier noted that in spite of the current tough economic times, the investment in the awards, was the group’s way of giving back to all its workers for their beyond-the-call-of-duty inputs and to get to talk to staff in one location. The other nominees for the CEO Award of Excellence were techinician with B&B Distribution Limited, Errol Lowe; forklift operator at Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited, Fernon Scantlebury; Group Credit Controller with the BHL Corporate Division, Patricia Sylvester, and inventory clerk at The Barbados Bottling Company Limited, Duane Cambell.

The new group top employee explained that the secret to his success in being an agent of change, was his “bottom up” approach to health and safety on the job.

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