Back in time

reneeratcliffsband2013Young revellers playing mas’ in Renee Ratcliff’s band will be going back in time this Crop-Over.

The band leader’s Junior Kadooment band, titled Time Machine, was launched at St. Gabriel’s School on Friday.

“I was inspired by all the different eras of clothes though out the ages so our time travellers adventure back in time since all the clothes in the future have to be made with recycled materials such as CDs and plastics and computer parts so they go back to Bedrock, Medieval times, The Roaring 20’s, Peace and love days of the Hippies, and the Disco era to see all the brilliant clothes through the ages. The band is open to all kids the only two rules I enforce are that they must have fun and absolutely no nasty wukking up,” she said.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page – St. Gabriel’s School Band.

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