Windsor has associate degree hopes

An ambitious private school in Bank Hall is moving to offer Associate Degrees in Business Management from this summer, all it needs is the money to pay staff to do so.

Principal of the Windsor High School in Quarry Road, Rodney Prescod, told media after a tour of his institution with education officials that in addition to wanting to offer this new associate degree, he was also hoping to offer more community programmes.

Briefly noting that the management degree was something they were already planning for, but which they did not yet have the funds to be able to pay enough staff to teach, the principal re-emphasised that Windsor was a school all about helping itself stay open.

“I have to talk about the summer programme because we are going to be concentrating on this from summer, where you have say the app for androids, you know there is a lot of hype on technology in education. Our apps programme is structured as such that by the time you are through with it, you are in a position to help yourself,” he said.

The principal said the family-run school, which also employs three other siblings, has a roll of 150 students and 12 full-time and four part-time staff, had worked “tirelessly to keep changing with the times, offering stuff that is necessary”.

“Right now we are looking at our summer programme which is going to be a cross-section of using technology and ideas, agricultural products and things along that line. The whole idea is to create a niche where it is not possible to have that in the government secondary schools, create this niche for us and by doing that we should be able to move forward,” said Prescod of the institution that was founded by his father, the late Courtney Prescod.

After the tour, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Senator Harry Husbands told media he was extremely pleased with the programmes offered by the school.

“Based on what I am seeing this morning, I am extremely impressed with the range of programmes that they currently offer and also we have had some discussions with Mr. Prescod and his senior staff about programmes they have planned for the immediate future, which I am sure will enhance the scope of private secondary education in Barbados and will go a long way to ensure the continued existence of this school.

“There are some administrative issues that we are supposed to sort out — that is between the Ministry and Windsor, but the staff of the ministry who were in the discussions this morning, they have assured me that they will get working on some of these issues immediately…,” said the senator. (LB)

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