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Staying relevant

Principal Rodney Prescod (right) showing Senator Harry Husbands some of the computers they build and repair.

Principal Rodney Prescod (right) showing Senator Harry Husbands some of the computers they build and repair.

At least one private school has learnt how to stay relevant, while upgrading its plant in house and teaching its pupils life skills.

And while Principal of the Windsor High School, Rodney Prescod, said they were trying once again to reintroduce community programmes to their roster of offerings, he noted that self-determination and a focus on doing as much as possible for themselves has enabled the institution to remain open for the last 51 years.

During a tour with Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Senator Harry Husbands, and other officials from the ministry, as well as reporters today, Prescod proudly explained to the senator that the school had a history of not only constructing its own expansion, but repairing and maintaining its own computers, and designing and building its own furniture in the children’s section.

“Because of our numbers … we can concentrate on individual attention and we tend to more or less culture our students. So we spend a lot of time working on the weaknesses, working on the strengths to have not only a better student, but a better citizen, that is the whole idea. When the students leave here you can tell it is a Windsor student by their mannerisms, their tenacity and things along those lines. That is what Windsor produces…,” the principal said.

Senator Husbands going over lessons with Infants B student Renitta Toney.

Senator Husbands going over lessons with Infants B student Renitta Toney.

“We build our own furniture in the Infants. We had it in other places but we changed that. The thing about it is that we want to keep focusing on helping yourself. You do need assistance, yes, but you are not going to lay down and wait for assistance to get up. You get up and get assistance to keep you going. That is what we are looking at.

“We have programmes we are hoping to implement, the help we need is to keep them going. We don’t need the help to get the programmes off the ground, they are already going. We just need some money to help to keep us going,” he stated.

Additionally, the principal of the Quarry Road, Bank Hall, St. Michael institution which has a current roll of about 150 students, said the school also built and maintained its own computer systems.

“Let me put it this way — you are going to pay about $1,300 to $1,500 or more depending on the type of system, for a system. If I build a system and get my own parts, it is going to cost me anywhere around $400-something, including monitor landing.

“We do our own repairs and all of that and because of that it makes it quite easier, because you can see we have all of our computers running and so on. We also do our own construction. The lovely coral rendering on the outside, we are doing that. So it is a self-help. We are able to stay in business because we work very hard. That’s how we can keep this going,” Prescod said, of the family-run institution, which he runs with three other siblings. (LB)

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