Shopkeepers helping people in need

Jennifer Baker might be on to a good thing.

She and a group of other like minded people are starting a fund aimed at helping people in need.

Barker is the chairperson of the Let’s Help Each Other, or De LHEO LIME and Fund, and she told Barbados TODAY in a telephone interview that shop limes should be more than just about fun and entertainment and making money.

“We have a lot of limes going on in Barbados right now, however, who profits from them. [It is] the shop keepers, the sponsors and the merchants but the patrons that come, when they support you and leave in the end they get nothing. We thought about how we could make a difference so we come up with the idea to create a fund within our lime and this fund will be called the LHEO fund.

“We’re going to use persons from the shops, the locations, and people from the community so we have transparency and guidance along the way. The fund will have one separate account and the lime another. We’re hosting our first lime on Friday the 24. All proceeds from that lime go directly to the fund,” she said.

Barker explained that every shopkeeper, or person hosting the limes which will include community groups and individuals, has an obligation to give to the fund.

“So you will put in an envelope, some sort of proceeds from your night towards that fund. Furthermore we will be setting up bins at the location, and also at locations that don’t have the limes in order to create funds for the lime.

“People are always talking about hurricanes, fire and flood but the most prevalent thing in our country is sickness and everybody overlooks this. So that is one of the areas we want to focus on. We want to let persons know what we are doing. We are going to publicise the names of the committee members.

“Suppose at the end of the year we [don’t have anyone] that desires the help, we have organisations that assist other people so we will give to [them], but our main aim is to help somebody. We might have welfare and other agencies but at the end of the day you still have to know someone in order to get assistance and this is where we will come in.

“We’re supposed to be on the ground ’cause you hear most things in a shop. If you want news go to the rum shop, you will hear everything, whether it is false or true. We will use the same negative to create positive,” Barker added.

The shop limes will operate in the parish of St. John and its immediate environs. (DS)

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