Look in the mirror

I response to your recent story titled Sick surge. Try this on for size: some non-empirical evidence, so it can be labelled “anecdotal”, and dismissed, if found to be too inconvenient to some who run this country.

C.1985, my wife’s best friend, who is an appointed civil servant, casually mentions that she would soon be going up to Miami for a week’s shopping. As I knew she had already had vacation, I asked “How come?”. The answer was delivered as if I was a nincompoop: “Scheups, Tony. I have eight days sick leave left, which I need to spend before it runs out”. Anecdotal, but also true.

As our country’s survival is now clearly in peril, we either have to “wrestle” this pet-dragon to the ground, or (as we are oft wont to do) find a convenient whipping-boy to blame. Trouble is, the Brits are long gone. Perhaps, we should try looking in the mirror?

— Tony Webster

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