Bigger problems on the way

In your issue dated May 16, 2013, on the front page along with pages 8 and 9 was a story about dust woes — and it concerned me greatly.

I am having a very serious problem understand why in the 21st century with Barbados the size that it is, there are still these road problems. But it seem to be more important to continue building houses, malls, and just about anything that they will cause people to call you up to date. Yet still you have problems providing proper roads for the population. Or maybe this is only a problem in some areas.

The big question in my mind is if the hurricane season is around the corner, and the roads aren’t being taken care of to accommodate the people, wouldn’t you then be having bigger problems all around?

With as many apartment buildings, malls and houses that are being built in Barbados, the roads should be a very high priority so that the people wouldn’t have problems getting in and out of their homes during bad weather.

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see that something is wrong with this picture. I do agree that people needs homes, but for sure they need better roads just as much.

I would bet that during the election these areas that needed the roads taken care of and you were promised it wouldn’t be a problem? Now, it’s right back to where you started.

One thing is for sure, with better roads getting to people in times of trouble will be a whole lot easier.

If you continue focusing on impressing the visitors to Barbados, and not the people who live there, you are going backwards for sure.

There’s an old saying — home drums beats first. So take care of those that you promised you would make life better for, just as you are doing for the visitors.

— Charles Cadogan

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