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barrychandlerspeaksBarry Chandler is on his way back.

Since the story of the 28-year-old’s battle with his drug addiction and his recovery was carried in Friday’s edition, people have been responding, offering good wishes and prayers for his well being and recovery.

During that story, the entertainer shared how he begged and lied to get money to feed his habit.

Chandler, who performed with the band Kryptonyte on Saturday night during the LIME/HOTT FM Cavalcade in Belleplaine, St. Andrew, said “thanks” for the well wishes and prayers and noted he would continue to take it one day at a time.

Here are some of the comments posted on line in support of the young entertainer:

Congrats to you Barry, keep your head up and get closer to God. You will see he takes care of everything.


My prayers go out to you. There is always something called a second chance. Only who feels it knows it.

Joy Headley

Congrats hun, you are a stronger person now. Don’t let no one or anything steal your joy.

Tamikia Young

You have nothing to be ashamed of – people make mistakes. It’s learning from them that’s important. I wish you the best in your future and prayer you live the fullest life in the future.

Tracy Young

Give thanks Barry. I hope that this story will touch someone and assist them in either turning their life around or stop them form charting the same path. As Sandra said, one day at a time. 


Stay Blessed


I do not know your music, but anyone delivered from drugs has my support. My prayer is that you come to know God as your personal Lord and saviour. You have a powerful testimony! Use it to help those who are weak and do not forget to give God the glory for he is the one who delivered you.



I identify with your ongoing struggle as a recovering person, and there are many recovering persons in the music business so your not alone in this. One day at a time bro.

Travis Jacobs

Well done Barry! Be proud!

Earl Joseph

My dear, I bless God for sustaining you in the mist of the storm, I sang with you in the Richard Stoute Teen Talent competition, and from then I knew you would go places. Continue to share your testimony with others, it’s persons like yourself that God will one day raise up to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Walk tall, with your head held high my friend. Each one reach one. God bless you. I will keep you in my prayer.

Rev. Shauntelle Best

Everyone deserves a second chance my brother. Keep pushing

Basil Yarde

I am so proud of you for surviving through such an ordeal. You have taken your weakness and turn it into strength and for that you are truly a strong person. My prayers are with you.

Carlston Medford

Welcome back, and whatever you do put God first and make more top songs. Thank you and don’t ever look back!

 Danielle Blagrove

So so proud of you. Knowing who you are, you are a big  inspiration to others.

Arrell Grace

I am happy that you have turned your life around. I hope this experience will bring you to a closer relationship with Jesus and that in some way you can bless others. Don’t give up!


To god be the glory, great things He has done. He has delivered you out of the lion’s den. My prayers go out for you God bless you and keep you may his face continue to shine upon you and give you grace.

Michelle Payne

Be encouraged. It is a process. Keep on keeping on and know that the power now lies within you.


Great job Barry! Forward ever, backward never! Blessings!


Welcome back bro, we knew you could do it. Friends forever.

Dayle, Kester and Adrian

God is so good! I have been praying for you my brother, every day and every night that God would heal you and take care of you. I too have an older brother that is still of today hooked on drugs and you are a true testimony! Keep up the fight and I will continue to keep you in my prayers! Love you a whole lot! Very proud of you!!!

Ria Borman

Whether you realise this or not, your positivity and courage will be an inspiration to generations of Barbadians. I am proud of you Barry. I am honored to call you my cousin, and my friend.

Jason Waithe


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