Use the Bajan meats

I so hope that the Barbados Government stands up to Subway and all fast food outlets and does not remove what these people are calling an excess tariff. If ya feel it is necessary to tweak it a bit, fine. But to bring down to 20 per cent — outta order!!

Anyone coming to this island to open such businesses, as a priority, should make contact with meat processors (from chicken to pork) and bakeries and begin the process of “farm to table” i.e. give them specifications and work with them until the products are 100 per cent.

This is not a difficult task and helps not only the economy but also will elevate the quality of production (not that US standards are anything to go by, mind you. Truthfully European standards should be used as when these fast food outlets go to these countries they are forced to use theirs — far better than American standards to begin with).

Once contracts are in place, business is ready to rumble. One does not come to the country, set up and then start crying about tax on imports.

And what is wrong with a twist of Bajan when it comes to breads and meats used eh? If those in the US who give out these franchises doan like it, well hello! Stay there and open ya business.

Right now, because of health trends, these companies are suffering both in the US and Europe; so by standing up to them perhaps we can here in Barbados not only have healthier products but also tastier ones! How amazing would it be for Burger King to advertise their burgers with an exotic Bajan twist! Get real fast food outlets. And personally, the old adage of “we have to follow US rules” just does not cut it anymore.

There are ways to turn profits around, easy ways, our ways — from condiments to meats to greens to breads. I really do commend James Paul and Bobbi McKay for their stance. Using a well-known marketing slogan “Check Barbados First!”; this is what we have to do here in order to achieve food security and reduce our heavily laden food import bills.

— Rosemary Parkinson

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