No respect for mom

I am mad! You don’t know how mad. I am here writing you and I want to get up from this computer and go outside and give this girl outside my house one hard slap.

For the last 20 minutes this girl has been outside the house cussing out her mother in the worst way. My Lord, if you could only hear some of the thing this girl tell her mother your ears would burn.

But that ain’t the funny part. What is funny is that it is nearly ten o’clock in the night and this little girl still wearing school uniform. She would have to think she is a school woman, a bully in school uniform. You don’t know how this girl mother sweat and cry to raise she and now all she showing she now is utter disrespect.

Believe it or not, it all started just after nine when her mother asked her why she only now getting home. Well if you hear how she carry on the woman that bring she into this world you would cry. But I would like one of mine to try that with me. All like now she would be just like when she come into this world — not one tooth.

These young people have to learn respect. Now what could be wrong with a mother taking a firm stand on a 14-year-old girl child coming home from school after nine o’clock? They have to learn to follow the rules and show respect.

But no, she all over the road using the worst language you could think of, and telling her mother things you should not even tell a dog. I bet you in the morning when she gone long to school and we talking her mother will be telling me she ain’t a bad child, just that she following bad company.

That is how it starts and she should never stand for that. Then you got people all over this country telling you that you should not hit the children. Well I believe that when you spare the rod you does spoil the child. The Good Book don’t be wrong.

What you think, because I see you does give some sensible advice.

Angry Neighbour

Since yuh asked, AN, I have to agree with you that the first responsibility of a child is to be respectful to his or her parents, but especially your mother. There can be no excuse for using even one bad word to you mother, even if she is wrong and gets you angry.

Now, I would also have to agree with you that anytime a parent has a child coming home from school at 9 p.m. and there is a not a plausible explanation that parent should be firm. Every mother has a duty to guide her child, and this means setting rules and making sure they are observed.

Where we differ, is on the matter of “sparing the rod”. I believe that there is the odd occasion when corporal punishment should be applied, but when a child is 14 years old, it is really the time when “licks” should take a back seat to more effective forms of discipline. At that stage I believe “beatings” only bring rebellion.

Here’s my final point. Remember that old saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child”? Well, the night of the incident should have been one of those times when the village acted, starting with you. No, not to slap her, but to firm, and lovingly, let her known that all other adults in the area frown on her conduct. She should be in no doubt that her conduct is an embarrassment.

Our communities have to invest more love in our young people. So the next time she comes up against her mother in this way, then you and the other neighbours must take a stand.

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