DNA test shows up lying cop

Robert Brown shows the result of the DNA test.
Robert Brown shows the result of the DNA test.

KINGSTON — It took a DNA test and 21 trips to the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court for Robert Brown to prove that a ganja spliff presented to the judge by the police was not his.

But that vindication was not before the 39-year-old was forced to flee his community, shut down his business and withdraw his son from a top high school as he spent the last two years cowering in fear for his life.

Today, although there is no longer any criminal charge hanging over his head, Brown said he is yet to pick up the pieces of his life as it was totally shattered by a lying cop whose threat to kill him sent him into hiding.

Brown, a resident of James Mountain just outside Sligoville, St. Catherine, said on July 16, 2010 he was at his roadside cookshop preparing the daily low-budget menu when a group of policemen requested a search of him on the grounds that they smelt ganja. Brown said he admitted to the police that he smokes ganja but did not have any in his possession.

According to Brown, he was still taken to the nearby Sligoville Police Station for processing. It is then that things went awry after one constable accused him of “romping wid police” when he (Brown) held his ears to demonstrate that the name of the lane where he lives is called ‘aze hole’ (ears hole). Brown said the disbelieving cop became irate and began raining blows on him before slapping a ganja possession charge on him.

“Him put all him big shoes in me chest,” Brown recalled, adding, “when dem teck me up that day ah four pot me have on fire ah fry chicken back, sprat fish, and a cook soup and everyting bun up.”

However, when the matter went to court, Brown pleaded not guilty and was given a date to return.

Less than two months later, Brown said he was again at his shop when members of another police patrol searched him and found an unlit spliff in his possession. Brown said while he was at the Sligoville Police Station awaiting his bail to be processed, a female cop said: “See di man yah weh go court go plead not guilty”. (Observer)

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