Weighing in

by Latoya Burnham

Sophia Forte going through an aspect of the programme
Sophia Forte going through an aspect of the programme

I wouldn’t declare myself a fitness buff by any stretch of the imagination, but I love how I feel after a good exercise. I feel energised, happy, ready to start my day. Perhaps that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to join a fitness challenge.

My best friend is always talking about her plans to enter a fitness competition sometime in her life – but that has never been my aim or even my consideration. Mine is to lose the pudge around my stomach that I have accumulated in recent years as a journalist, working long hours, eating when I can and whatever is at hand and not getting in as much exercise as I could; and also to help with my asthma, which has always been my primary reason for exercise.

So from June 3, I will be involved in an eight-week fitness challenge being conducted by Body by Kirk and Lifestyle Body Solutions based in Barrows, St. Lucy. My colleague and friend, Donna and I went on Monday for my weigh in and to see where the gym was and meet the directors, Kirk Bryan and Sophia Forte.

To say I was a bit shocked and in denial about some of the measurements is an understatement, but I am looking forward to the challenge; to seeing what I can do, how far I can push myself, and more importantly, if I can lose as much of the about 15 pounds I have in mind by the time these weeks are done.

In addition to exercise, there will also be a meal plan, and training involved and I am excited, a little bit giddy with it, but nevertheless looking forward to it. latoyaburnham@barbadostoday.bb

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