Three’s the charm!

by Michron Robinson

Darius Layne with twins Shaquan (left) and Christiana Greenidge.
Darius Layne with twins Shaquan (left) and Christiana Greenidge.

Three times the love and twice the care.

Three different personalities, three different faces yet one common bond of love.

Mother of triplets Denisha, Darius and Darian Layne, Margaret Greenidge says her love for her 15- year-old triplets is all the same.

She shared her story with LOVING ME and included the fact that she was hoping for a boy after one of her daughter’s, Shareka, was born in 1991.

She said the pregnancy came as a surprise.

“I took sick and I had to go and get an ultra sound and the nurse who did the ultra sound hollered and said the lady in there carrying triplets! And when she came back to me I was lost and really surprised, I said my mother had a twin and now I gone pass her?”

Margaret said she had a lot of sleepless nights but shared that raising three children at times was a lot of fun and she tasks was made easier because of family support.

The biggest joy for her was seeing her children growing to the age where they were capable of doing things for themselves.

“I taught them how to cook and how to press and sometimes they would volunteer to do certain things but sometimes as kids are they would not want to do nothing,” she said

The Parish Land, Christ Church resident said she would like to see her children, two of whom are at Princess Margaret Secondary School and the other at Ellerslie Secondary – go on and graduate with their CXC certificates, attend university and start families of their own in good health.

Reminiscing about their earlier years, the single mother said her most memorable birthday with her children was when they were eight years old and she held the first party for the three.

She added that raising the three was at times difficult especially because she wanted to give them material things but because of finances she could not but this is where that family support came in.

Her daughter Shareka is all grown up and is now a mother of her own. She has twins -a girl and boy.

She told LOVING ME she was really excited when her mother had the triplets to help out but she too wanted a baby brother.

Shareka, an alumna of Princess Margaret Secondary, said in her own pregnancy she wanted a little girl and when she first started to go to the doctor she was told she had gastroenteritis. After being treated for the stomach illness out of the nine doctors she went to it was the last one who told her she was pregnant with twins.

Margaret’s response to her daughter’s news of twins was, “girl you mean not one but two? You mean you walk in my footsteps. I was not expecting you to get a twin, you in for a lot of restless nights and trouble.”

However she said her daughter learnt what it meant to be a mother and she assisted Shareka a lot with her children.

In describing the different personalities of her triplets, Margaret said Denisha likes reading a lot, dressing up, going to church, helping out at home and caring for people.

“As a child growing up she was a very contented child. Darius likes fixing things with his hands and experimenting on things. He wants to be a pilot and an engineer plus he could stay in his room on the computer, listening to music or reading through books and he is helpful as well as tidy.”

“Darian was a bit different and is a person who is very shy and would only talk to you if he knows you but when he gets to know you he would then mingle. He does not say what is on his mind so you would have to try to get that out of him but he likes Cadets, horse racing and carrying on a conversation with him is difficult because he is introverted,” the mother said.

Margaret said her advice to young people would be not to have unprotected sex unless they are sure about having children and starting a family because it is not an easy job raising a twin or triplets. The mother and grandmother said as they grew her relationship with God became stronger with her children and grandchildren.

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