Power of pilates

rom left: Sandra Vaughan, Portia Blackman, Lana Sealy and ennifer Jones.
rom left: Sandra Vaughan, Portia Blackman, Lana Sealy and ennifer Jones.

Young, old, male, female – the audience was as eclectic as the personalities of the four Pilates instructors that joined together last weekend to have open sessions to the public about the work they do.

The four instructors, all with their own businesses, came together for one day with the hope that Barbadians who might have been curious, or even those who might have tried Pilates before and liked it, and especially those who just wanted to know more about what it is could have a chance to examine the benefits, try some of the exercises along with the tutors and leave refreshed, as many acknowledged they did.

With mats spread out in a studio at High Park House, Prior Park, St. James, Lana Sealy of Body Mekanics, Portia Blackman of Higher Calling, Jennifer Jones of Pilates On the Go and Sandra Vaughan of PhysioCare Inc. took a number of patrons through the moves, explaining the type of Pilates each practices and the benefits of each type.

Lana, a former dancer and now instructor with full Pilates certification had a Buff Bones session, where she focused on maintaining bone density, something she explained to both old and young participants could help in later years with conditions like osteoporosis.

lovingmepalitesstretchPortia’s segment focused a lot of mat work, using essential and intermediate through to advance moves, while amusing her patrons to reach their maximum potential. She is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor.

Sandra concentrates her practice a lot on facilitating optimum movement. This physiotherapist is the one who focusses on recovery from injury as well as maintaining fitness through controlled, mind-body connected movement.

Jennifer, on the other hand, was all about individual attention. She spent the four hours allotted for the open day doing one-on-one consultations with clients, including even expectant mothers, advising them on everything from the correct way to position their bodies, to suggestions for diets and meal plans.

At the end of the day, patrons could be heard to remark on how different the exercises made them feel – a lot more limber, a feeling of extra energy and better yet, so calm. (LB)

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