Hair tips for children

lovingmehairstylegirlCaring for your child’s hair is not as hard as you think it is.

We asked Julie Seale from Natural Trendz Unisex Salon and Heather Agard from Touch of Class Hair Studio for some basic tips.

One of the things they both said was that you should wash the child’s hair every two weeks.

“Treatments are very important, don’t wait until hair is damaged to do so. One has to be very careful how he/she combs the hair and what kind of combs are used for detangling. Moisturizing depends on hair type. Not every hair can use oil based products some creams are recommended. With natural hair it’s best to style when damp and sit under dryer for few minutes if need be although some people prefer to let it air dry,” Seale said.

Agard suggested the hair be washed with conditioning or moisturizing shampoo.

“Use moisturizing conditioner. Comb out with wide tooth comb and use detangler or leave in conditioner. Big plaits and dry naturally or use dryer,” she added.

Boys can also have their hair washed every two weeks.

They should also have it cut regularly.

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