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Anton Lovell
Anton Lovell

Despite complaints of the current recession impacting negatively on the bottom line of many businesses, there are some still willing to contribute to the development of sports, particularly young athletes, in Barbados.

One such company is Co-operators General Insurance, whose General Manager Anton Lovell told Barbados TODAY this evening at the Springer Memorial Secondary School in Government Hill, St. Michael, that they would like to give more support, however they could not sponsor everyone. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the National Sports Council’s Junior Basketball competition, which the insurance company has sponsored for the past five years, he called on the NSC to implement a “sports bank”.

This bank, Lovell explained, would be charged with generating funds to support sports in Barbados by way of assisting sports associations  and athletes to formulate proposals, teach persons how to properly present proposals to potential sponsors and essentially how to deal with sponsors as well. Since, he noted, many of these people fall short in terms of them putting forward themselves to sponsors or even meeting the sponsors needs. In addition,  there were some companies which would like to contribute but do not know how to, the sports bank facilitated by the council would be an avenue to provide assistance to these organisations, Lovell explained.

A former athlete himself, Lovell added: “I believe that sporting organisations and athletes deserve better but we have to be aware that marketing budgets in any organisation have to cover a varying degree of activities.

“I am really saying this because it is my strong belief that no athlete representing Barbados regionally and internationally should be  asked to pay their way to represent their own country. It is difficult and heart-rendering sometimes to see when the athlete or association, which should be concentrating on developing the team and the athlete concentrating on preparing [themselves] to represent Barbados, they have to be concerned with raising funds to get to the various competitions. I appeal that this is something the sports council should work on to garner the support of companies,” said Lovell. (KC)


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