No permission for B’s recycling

estherbyersuckoocleancampaignB’s recycling “has been operating without permission since the year 2000”.

That’s what Government spokesman, Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, told the Upper Chamber today as it debated the acquisition of land at Vaucluse, St. Thomas, the expected future home of the recycling facility located at Cane Garden in the same parish.

“There is another matter surrounding the whole issue at Vaucluse as well and that is the fact that we do have … several recycling facilities in Barbados and the idea would be to have some of them located at Vaucluse,” the minister said.

“I will make mention of B’s example and that would have been in the news recently after the tragic fire and everything that they had there. But B’s has been operating without permission since the year 2000 where they were in St. Thomas and so there is a need to regularise this…situation.

She said Government was therefore looking to deal with such issues comprehensively.

“And so Government would put land as part of its Physical Development Plan not just for landfills, but also allocate space where recycling activities can be located,” Byer-Suckoo stated. “So what we are … envisioning is that in the area of Vaucluse we will actually see a number of these synergistic activities going on. There will be the recycling, there is the landfill and the generation of energy.”

The minister was also concerned about indiscriminate burning, calling it an unhealthy and unthoughtful practice.

“Unfortunately it is not just burning of leaves and grass, very often if you ever happen to be downwind of one of these fires you realise that there is something in there, there might be some sort of plastic, some tyre or something because it seems folks rake up their garbage and whatever is in there gets burnt,” she said.

“I did have the unfortunate experience a few months ago of spending the night inhaling these pungent fumes all night long because they left it to simmer as it were for the whole night and I was just inhaling this.

“We need to call the attention of all residents to this practice of burning… We really do have to do some more extensive education and sensitisation of the public on how we deal with solid waste.” (SC)

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