Man gunned down trying to help neighbour

regionalburnthouseKINGSTON — Leroy Robinson was only doing what always came to him naturally – help a fellow human being in distress.

But Monday night, Robinson’s propensity to assist his neighbours cost him his life. A masked gunman pumped four shots into the 54-year-old hotel worker as he ran to rescue a woman from her house after it was fire-bombed.

Residents of this normally quiet community believe the killer was responsible for fire-bombing the house and was apparently angered by the sight of Robinson and his two friends sprinting to the trapped woman’s rescue.

His friends explained that about 8:30 Monday night they were hanging out with Robinson, also called Carl, at his home in McNeil Land, Little London, when a house across the street burst into flames immediately after a loud explosion.

The female occupant of the house cried out for help.

“I heard something like glass a lick out over the house and when me look me see fire and the woman in the house started to cry out for help. When we ran to help her the masked man run come from the back with a gun and start firing shots. All now I think I get the shot,” one of the terrified men told the Observer.

“After he shot Carl, he turned around and point the gun at me and when he fired the shot I saw the fire come out and I dropped to the ground, dead. The gunman ran away and I got up,” the man said.

“Me feel like me don’t inna the world because all now me feel like me get shot too,” the other man said. (Observer)

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