Gunmen fire-bomb district

regionaldistrictfirebombedKINGSTON — About 15 people were yesterday left homeless following an attack by heavily armed gunmen, who went to Clifton district and fire-bombed five houses in the community, located off the Bernard Lodge main road in St Catherine.

The attack came less than 24 hours after a 21-year-old woman from the community and her male friend were murdered and their bullet-riddled bodies dumped on a farm close to the area.

Clifton residents reported that about 3:00 a.m. about 14 heavily armed men entered the community, fired wildly, then torched the houses.

“Some of them, dressed in ‘police clothes’, come with pure long rifle; them come with all bombs (Molotov cocktail) fi come attack the people them in the area,” said one man.

Police said no one was killed in the early morning attack, but the incident has since triggered fear among residents, some of whom have started to flee from the low-income community.

“Right now me not staying here as me a plan to move out of the area,” said one woman, as she held onto a bag with items of clothing while walking from the community.

While the obviously frightened woman made her way to the Bernard Lodge main road, others gathered in small groups as they discussed the ‘night of terror’.

“The man them come in the area and start walk from house to house a search for people and a set the house them on fire; all the cry the people them a cry for help not even that stop the man them,” said another female resident.

“The man them just come in the area and while me in me house me just hear people a scream out for help and when me look through me window me see several houses on fire; all now me can’t believe,” said a man who stood among a group of persons who spoke in hushed tones.

Head of the St Catherine South Police Division Superintendent Colin Pinnock said the police have launched a manhunt for men responsible for the attacks.

“The police will continue to maintain a 24-hour presence in the area and would want to assure residents that investigations are now ongoing to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice,” said Superintendent Pinnock. (Observer)

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