Cop shot dead

regionaldeadtrinicopPORT OF SPAIN — A police corporal was shot and killed in Couva Tuesday night. Corporal Terrence Abraham died at the Couva District Hospital, after being shot multiple times, in what is being described by investigators as a “hit”.

Abraham, of Battoo Avenue, Marabella, is the second police officer to be killed this year.

On February 19, Sergeant Hayden Manwaring was shot and killed while responding to a robbery report in San Fernando. Eight officers have been killed in the line of duty since 2002, according to statistics from the Crime and Police Analysis Branch of the Police Service.

Police say that at around 9 p.m, Abraham was driving along Milton Road, when shots were fired from a vehicle that pulled alongside.

Investigators do not believe that the killing of Abraham , who was based at the Chaguanas Traffic Branch, is a case of road rage, but instead could be linked to a court matter.

Police have identified three suspects.

Three hours after Abraham’s shooting, police officers shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to rob the Pt Lisas branch of KFC. Officers responded to a report of a robbery in progress, and found the suspect at the fast food outlet.

Police said the man opened fire, and he was shot and killed. A gun was allegedly recovered. The incident happened at around midnight. (Express)

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