Calypso battle

parkinsoncalypsoniansIt was a fight – in fact, a junior battle at the Parkinson Memorial School this afternoon as the nine contestants in the upcoming Junior Monarch Calypso Competition pit their skills against each other to see who could win the inaugural Edwin Yearwood Trophy in the school’s competition later next month.

The prize, named after cherished alumnus and award winning local calypsonian Edwin Yearwood, was enough to send the eight contestants, most first timers in the competition into battle mode.

The contestants, between the ages of 13 and 17, will all appear for the first time in this Sunday’s preliminary round of the Junior Monarch competition, ahead of the announcement of the semifinalists.

Teacher in charge of the group, Randy Eastmond, who is also the writer and arranger of some of the songs, said this was the first time the school had entered so many students in the annual calypso competition. He said it was partly due to the directives of new principal Jeff Broomes who wanted to see greater involvement from the students in national competitions and on the national stage in general.

This in-house event, Eastmond noted, was a way of giving the students additional exposure to the stage ahead of Sunday, while also preparing them for an internal competition in late June.

Among the crew, only one student T’Kayla Lil T Clarke-Weekes, had previous Junior Monarch experience, previously placing third about two years ago. For the others, it will be the first time to face the judges, though some of them would have had exposure through various competitions in the school as well as through the school’s own pop band.

Other contestants included: Kayla Kayla Bee Thorpe; Rickelle Angel Edwards; Kadeem Maynard; Samantha Sammy Sosa Romain; Xavier Mighty Xavier Bowen; Amber Amber Orano Barrow; Ramona Nikola Anomar Clarke and Destany Dessy Clinton. (LB)

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  1. Sheromie Brewster May 16, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Congratulations to Parkinson Memorial students they will also taken part in the Ready Steady Go creative cultural exchange programme July, August and September sharing skills, culture and heritage and helping to create more positive and productive opportunities for the communities and creating more working links with young people from the global community.

    It is great to share their passion and creativity as part of the expanding youth projects and youth hubs. We will keep you updated on their journey.

    Ready Steady Go…….

  2. Sheromie Brewster May 16, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Parkinson Memorial students will be hosting a cricket challenge fundraising events as part of schools tour in September with the support of National Sports Council, Kensington Oval, Lords. We will keep you updated.

    Ready Steady Go…..


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