Turning up the heat!

cropoverflairbandlaunchA Foreday Mornin’ band with a difference is what directors of Flair are calling their maiden outing in the world of mas this Crop-Over.

Kathy-Ann Patrick, Janielle Blenman and Akailia Whittaker are three young women who say they decided to lead a band because as revellers they were tired of getting the “same old” every year.

Hours before the launch of their ensembles at De Monsta Grill & Bar in Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church last Friday night, Patrick told Barbados TODAY that unlike other bands which, she said, usually brought bikinis for costumes, patrons this year could expect inspiration from “young creative minds”.

The theme of the band is Mystic Flames and it had four sections: Fuelling Fire (red), Golden Smoke (yellow), Burning Flames (orange) and Ghost Of Fire, which is the front line section, and features white, accentuated with a mask and hand painted flames.

The outfits were “specially” tie-dyed vests for both men and women, tee-shirts are optional, with panty shorts as part of the package for females.

Patrick said: “It is going to be tough but we wanted to go ahead to still see what we can do. We are looking to make a difference, build on it and eventually bring a [Grand] Kadooment band.”

She added that the interest had been encouraging, with people stating their intent to join the band because of its “uniqueness”.

Their package included: VIP breakfast, cups, whistles, bandannas, condoms, wristbands and others treats along the route. (KC)††

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