‘Link road’ at standstill

by Emmanuel Joseph

roadinamessThe state of the road linking Jack In The Box with Proute in St. Thomas, is causing grave inconvenience to residents of the area — and some from way outside that community.

While the Jack In The Box Gully road has been reopened following repairs to its bridge, work on that portion which is joined to the neighbouring Proute community, remained at a standstill today.

One resident told Barbados TODAY rehabilitation of that road started around the recent general election, but had since stopped.

“That road was bad from since I was a little girl,” suggested the middle age woman who said she once drove along that street.

“Only big vehicles can use that road. They have some big holes in the road and rocks piled up on each other on the side,” another householder stated.

Several residents of Proute agreed separately, that the “link road” was very important for persons wanting to get to home without having to go “all around Jackson or by the Flower Forest and come down by Bloomesbury”.

“It is (also) a convenient road to avoid the heavy traffic on Canewood during the morning. If you miss Canewood, for people coming from St. Philip, Christ Church or even St.James, that road coming off Jack In The Box Gully, is a very convenient road to take,” one resident told this newspaper.

The Barbados TODAY team drove along the “closed” road to get a first hand look. Given the roughness of the surface and the size and number of potholes, absolute caution was necessary. At one corner along the way vehicles were forced to pull almost off the road just to avoid a crater-sized pothole that was filled with water.

Along the way layers of rocks were spread along the side of the street where gabion baskets stood — still incomplete. It is a road to be avoided at this stage. emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

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