Why was nothing done?

After reading the Barbados Today dated May 1, 2 and May 3, I am having a very hard time understanding why nothing was done from the first attack that was made on this Mrs Belle’s life.

What does the police need when a crime is committed causing injuries to the person who has to seek medical attention in the hospital? When anyone comes to the hospital with an injury that was caused by any weapon do they call the police immediately to look into this matter?

And seeing that domestic abuse is off the charts in Barbados, why didn’t the police, if they were called, follow up on this situation?

These are questions that are bothering me so much that I haven’t really gotten any rest since reading about Belle’s murder.

Here in America, when anyone goes to the hospital with any wound that was caused by a weapon, the police is immediately involved. And if it’s a woman, they are even quicker to respond and look into the situation to make an arrest.

Now I am having a problem understanding why these same rules aren’t applied in Barbados? And if their are, then someone is accountable for not doing his or her job.

My views on domestic violence in Barbados, and the West Indies as a whole, is that it seems that it has became a way of life for some. The old laws that are in place aren’t working, and when a serious crime such as the murder of Belle is committed, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. It would appear that these men already know what the outcome is going to be, so they aren’t even worried.

If Barbados is continuing to work towards growth and progress, then the old laws regarding domestic violence have to go, and be replaced with new ones that deal realistically with the way in which women are treated.

I apologise to the Belle family for the failure of the state to protect her, and offer my condolences and prayers for all of you in this hard situation that you are now dealing with. May the Most High comfort you all in your time of need.

The same way that changes are being made to Barbados because the Government feels that all these changes are needed, then you also need to make the changes that are required to deal with men who still think that they are a woman’s lord and master.

Slavery has been long abolished, so no woman is, or should be treated as such by any man. You have the right and power to make these changes that will make a difference against domestic abuse. How many more mothers, sisters, daughters — women on the whole — have to suffer at the hands of men because they feel they have a right to be in control before you step up and do what’s need to be done.

I feel in my heart that you know it’s time for you to change these laws and do what needs to be done to help women more than you are doing at present.

To all you want-to-be men — since a real man will never do harm to the woman that he truly loves and respects because he knows that when, or if he does, he will be also hurting himself — beating women doesn’t make you a man. It’s a clear sign that you cannot honestly love your mother, because no man who loves his mother can do harm to another woman.

So wake up all you men!

— Charles Cadogan

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