Twitter as a tool

bytemetweetingNormally here in Barbados we’re somewhat slow in coming on board with ways and means of integrating new technologies into our work places. The sad reality of the situation is that most businesses still see IT and IT-related systems as purely an expense rather than seeing it as an investment.

Happily though, most persons (maybe as a result of the global recession) have hopped, skipped and jumped about arguably the fastest moving trend in business related IT today, social marketing. Huge global brand names of all types use this ever targeted, very effective means of putting out their ad campaigns.

Why is this so effective? Well beside the almost downright obsession with being constantly connected, we seem to have these days which compel many to be checking the various social media sites very often. Social marketing allows advertisers to hit exactly who they want, persons who are already interested in their products and persons who want to see and hear more about them.

So unlike email spam blast of old, this is much more honed, a more direct type of marketing. But this goes beyond the Facebook and Twitter. Many companies, especially in retail, also use Insatgram a lot.

That being said, social marketing is its own beast, but for many companies it doesn’t stop at just marketing. I personally have had customer service from a few international companies via Twitter.

What started out to me as a waste of time and error, just to see person “tweeting” useless, and in some cases too much, information, quickly became very useful tunnel for good laughs and breaking news — and in case you’ve not, start following Barbados ToDAy on Twitter for breaking news, sports, useful facts about anything.

So when Flow Barbados put out a tweet about the areas they were servicing and had installed thus far, I decide to take a look, and see how close to my area they had gotten. Low and behold, there was my area already live being serviced, but I still hadn’t receive so much as call yet since I had signed up at the big Flow’s World promotion. So I decide to tweet about it, and to my surprise got a relatively quick response. After a bit of back and forth I got another tweet, letting me my info has been sent off to CSR and I would be contacted shortly.

I was quite happy about this, yet still a little skeptical about how well the internal communication for the company worked, as I had filled out a form already. Much to my surprise that afternoon I got a call from a very helpful rep for the company who apologied and explained the mix up with my form and why I wasn’t connected. I was then able to sort everything out with that call and was once again a happy camper.

The moral of this story is, Twitter is a very useful tool for businesses. Just about every major network show has a dedicated hashtag which can be the source of the most honest customer satisfaction survey available. These hashtags allows networks to get inside the heads of their viewers in 140 characters or less, with truth so powerful that is makes, breaks or ever changes a show completely.

Imagine what it can do for your company, I’m glad some companies are seeing the power of social marketing and I hope it continues to grow and evolve more, and more companies catch on.

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