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If you were in the vicinity of Dover playing field in Christ Church on Saturday night it was apparent that something big was taking place.

There was a crush of people and vehicles. They were all headed for the first LIME/HOT 95.3 fm Cavalcade for the Crop-Over season.

It was evident that the crowd came to see particular names, and though they had to endure sets of lacklustre performances, the thousands who filled the field waited patiently.

And at 11:40 p.m. when one of their obvious favourites, Lil Rick, appeared on the stage there was an uproar. Lil Rick, HD (Hypa Dawg), Mr. Soca, whichever name he is going by this year, had the crowd lapping out his hands. Professing that he outdid his 2012 offering of 14 tunes by so far producing 20 this year, he gave them teasers of the new crop.

1rstcalvacade2013crowdIt was amazing that even though the Crop-Over Festival was not yet officially launched, almost everyone sang his 2013 song Try and Behave word for word. He also took them back to 2012 was performances of We Want Drinks, Ah Like Muhself, I Now Feel Like Wukking Up.

How old is entertainer Blood really? He too got the large crowd jamming. Displaying much energy and enthusiasm, the one half of the group Soca Kartel did not appear as a man over 30 years old when he moved to I Want You To Wuk Up as well as Foot On Fire.

Another part of the evening that many enjoyed was the tribute to the late Great Carew, titled Remembering Carew. It began with video tributes from Eric Lewis and James Lovell and then DJ Links played some of his hits including: Snakes In The Grass, Mad Woman Jamming, Bow Wow Wow. The music was so sweet and the audience wanted more than the six minutes it was allotted.

The blast from the past, De Director’s performance of Sousy was well received. Other performers included Statement, Contone, Major Shackie, Pinelands Creative Workshop, Haynesville Youth Club, Lejend Band, Ian Webster and Lighthouse Foundation. (KC)

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