Cops discover over 100 marijuana plants

trailerloadofdrugsThe sleepy district of Lewis Gap, Green Hill, St. Michael came alive this evening with the presence of a contingent of police vehicles and officers roaming through a bushy part of the neighbourhood.

The reason: the discovery of a quantity of marijuana plants growing in a bushy area residents say is used as a cart-road by all and sundry, but which is situated between two homes in the district.

After the discovery and subsequent processing of the scene, amidst downpours of rain and the challenge of a muddy, and heavily vegetated area, nine officers removed about 151 plants, also consisting of a quantity of seedlings from the area, while a few residents watched.

The plants, bundled and wrapped together in plastic, were placed in an open-back police vehicle and taken away shortly after 3 p.m., although police were reportedly on the scene from around 2 p.m.

One resident from one of the nearby homes disclaimed her family’s involvement, stating: “Everybody does pass through here. This ain’t we land. That’s a gap that all kinds of people does walk through all de time.”

Another resident on her way home from work, could only shake her head and state: “This is what quiet Lewis Gap come to? I don’t understand at all.”

Investigations are continuing. (LB)

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