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highnotelecraeHe was the headline act at last weekend’s Tell The World gospel concert at Kensington Oval organised by King of Culture International Church in collaboration with Government’s Community Development Division.

But while hundreds of Barbadians flocked to the Oval to hear Lecrae, the Grammy Award winning US Christian hip hop artist, ministry leader, actor, entrepreneur and record producer, many of them were probably oblivious to the fact that all is not well between him and at least one of his fellow Christian rap artists back home.

In fact, Tireo, also a book author, film and movie director and actor, feels so strongly about Lecrae — and some other gospel performers — being, as he put it, “phony”, that he has produced at least two videos to “expose these false” Christian rappers to the world.

Tireo, real name Tireo Hammond, has accused Lecrae in a lengthy video of “selling his soul” to major music distributors in order to seal big record deals. He suggested that this 33 year old president, co-owner and co-founder of Reach Records, an independent record label, was guilty of not telling the truth about Jesus Christ or the gospel in his music so he could get the backing of these Christian music companies.

He challenged people, not to take his word for it, but check the lyrics of Lecrae’s releases and judge for themselves. The rap singer said he was frustrated with “these fake Christian artists”, and believes a lot of people were too. Tireo told his audience that Jesus said not to be deceived.

“The reason why he said †not to be deceived, is because a Christian artist may get a deal, or they may sell a certain amount of records, you know what I’m saying.

“Or their album may be on Billboard or whatever; that don’t necessarily mean that Jesus gave them the deal, that don’t necessarily mean that God made a way for um,” suggested the American recording act.

He was of the view that these rappers could not “put the real gospel” in their music because the distribution companies would not let them; hence they get the big contracts.

“All them people who over all them major distribution companies, those people are straight demonic. A lot of those people come from places like Colombia, a lot of those people who own distribution companies, come from overseas,” he declared.

Tireo identified international gospel performers such as Mary Mary, the sisters duo, Lecrae, who recently performed in Barbados, Trip Lee, K Praize, The Truth, Bizzle and Tedashii, who he accused of selling their souls to the highest bidder and refusing to promote the truth of the Gospel in their music, just to make it big.

The US gospel rapper urged the fans of Lecrae to check his arm and they would see a tattoo 666, which in the Bible, signifies the mark of the anti-Christ and also to note that in one of his music releases, he used a satanic sign — displaying the index finger and little finger only. †For much more on these eye opening claims, please see the attached video.††

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