Saved by action

by Latoya Burnham

olympushasfallenIt’s been a while since I’ve done this and I have been getting a bit of flack for slacking off over the past two months or so. So this week I return to giving you movie reviews, with my special brand of LB flavour. Earlier this week some work colleagues and I ventured out to take in Olympus Has Fallen. Now anyone that has read previous reviews about this flick would have seen all the details about how unbelievable it is and all of those claims would be right on the money. What this movie does have in spades though it hard core action to die for. When you throw an action flick at me, I like to know I drowning in tough fight sequences, moments that make you want to get up and cheer – overall I want blood and gore, and just because I’m female doesn’t mean it should not make me scream for more. So while I would definitely laugh my head off at this most ridiculous plot about how we (and this is an all encompassing movie-viewer type ‘we’) blew up the White House, I will cheer because it was clearly Gerard Butler how I like him — tough as nails and yummy to boot. If they had allowed him to use that awesome Scottish accent that I absolutely love, I would have been in nirvana — but I digress. For those living on another planet and have not heard of Olympus Has Fallen, Butler plays Secret Service Agent Mike Banning, who is none other than President Benjamin Asher’s (Aaron Eckhart) main protector.

On the way to a Christmas party from Camp David, the President’s convoy is attacked and the First Lady Margaret Asher (Ashley Judd) is the main casualty when Banning fails to save her in time, instead saving the President. That is his job after all.

Nevertheless, he is sent to career Siberia, a desk job in the Treasury Building. Some time later, when the President is entertaining a Korean delegation, the White House is attacked, the US’ main officials are taken hostage and demands start being made. Here is where it kinda gets dicey. I mean come on — Banning has been removed from the White House for 18 months, sneaks back in when the attacks are happening, dispatches a few bad guys with delicious extreme prejudice and proceeds to unlock secure vaults with passwords and combinations that in 18 long months, no one thought to change. COME ON!!! But being a work of fiction after all, and intending to at least give Banning a chance at fighting back, it’s certainly understandable why he could claim a gun with the push of a few buttons and even access the president’s private sat-com from the president’s private safe, no less. Then of course there’s the issue of the unbelievable attack. A warplane, with no communication with aviation and other security personnel, flies low over Washington DC, the US capital, proceeds to shoot down two army jets, following which they scramble a single other jet to take it out. Stop me when this makes sense. Nevertheless, like I said, I didn’t stay for the plot, I stayed for the action because Butler takes us on a wild ride that is popcorn enjoyably, finger-licking good. Nuff said — we have a secret agent who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, or tell stuck-up Washington high-ups where to jump off.

I loved that he was able to put down the head of the army with just a few words, that he was the man who cussed out the Speaker of the House, who later became the acting President, and was still able to work with the man to solve the problem at hand. Needless-to-say, there were lots of broken necks, knives broken off in skulls, broken limbs, bullets to the head in almost acrobatic scenes – it was an action lover’s dream. And if that’s not good enough — I’m a Rick Yune fan. If you don’t know who that is Google him. I love to see the man fight. When he moves I’m glued to every shift of the pectoral muscles, the glutes, the legs, man I just love his economy of movement when he fights. They always choreograph him well and when they pitt him against Butler in this flick, I was again in heaven. So apart from the abysmal plot, this one is saved by the action and it is damned good.

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