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Petra Lee Foon and Kieron Cummings.
Petra Lee Foon and Kieron Cummings.

PORT OF SPAIN — The sextuplets’ parents are ungrateful and owe the Government, the Prime Minister and the taxpayers of this country a “thank you” for all that was done to ensure that mother and babies had the best care possible, Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan said yesterday.

The March 4 birth of the sextuplets to parents Petra Lee Foon, a teacher, and Kieron Cummings, a bank employee, was a first for Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Extensive plans were put into place at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital to ensure a smooth Caesarian-section delivery of the babies, and close to $5 million was spent to purchase equipment for the babies’ aftercare at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Two of the babies – the youngest and eldest – have since died.

Cummings, according to a Guardian report, said he regretted not taking his wife abroad as he was dissatisfied with the aftercare at Mt Hope.

An upset Khan, said yesterday after the post-Cabinet news conference at the St. Clair office of the Prime Minister, took issue with Cummings’ statements.

“I hope he doesn’t have a complaint about the house now that he has gotten from the Government. I wonder if he will say that the room is too small, or they need air-conditioning or they need another storey put on. Looking at their method of approach to what the health sector did for them and to know what is happening now, sometimes, people have to be grateful in life,” said Khan.

Last Friday, the parents were given keys to a three-bedroom Housing Development Corporation house in Edinburgh 500.

Cummings, following the birth of his babies, had said that top priority was having a home to raise his children as he lived with his parents in Arima and the mother lived with her parents in Central.

Cummings has said he plans to marry his babies’ mother following her recovery.

Khan said not only were millions spent to ensure the babies had first-class treatment, great sacrifices were also made as other babies had to be accommodated at the Port of Spain General Hospital and the San Fernando General Hospital when the sextuplets were at the NICU.

“I think, at the end of the day, when people get things easy, they don’t appreciate it,” said Khan. (Express)

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