In harmony

policeconcertincitymay2013There are some bands you never get tired of hearing.

The Royal Barbados Police Force Band is high on that list.

Yesterday evening in Independence Square, the City, the sweet sounds of the music floated across the water in Inner Basin of the Careenage and into the streets where people were hustling home making them pause and luring them to the concert.

Led by Director Superintendent Keith Ellis, among the songs the band played were the popular Red Plastic Bag calypsos Something’s Happening and Once Upon A Wine, John Holt’s Dr. Love, a spouge medley with All I Need is another try, Marry Me, a medley of Michael Bolton’s that included When A Man Loves a Woman, and Love is a wonderful thing.

And that’s not all.

Constable Kevin Watson thrilled the gathering when he sang Lady In Red, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Dance With My Father.

There was also the beating of retreat and the sunset ceremony which involved the lowering of the National Flag and the RBPF’s flag.

Ellis explained that the beating of the retreat had its genesis in the 16th century and was a British tradition way before night vision cameras and weaponry existed.

“The troops had to retreat at nightfall and the drummers used to come out and signal that they had to retire because they couldn’t fight after that. Anyone found outside after that was disciplined,” he said.

He added the concert, which was a part of “our new trust and our community outreach programme” would be held quarterly at different locations around the country, if possible. Ellis further noted they might have to pause during Crop-Over but the intention was to continue after the national festival concluded. (DS)

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