Youngsters get in gear

Welches youngsters show off their gear, (from left) Jahleel Armstrong, Makahla Grenidge, Lagina Collucci and Jahmali Codrington.

Look out for Welches Primary School this sports season because students there are determined to be a force with which to reckon.

And with the gifting of new football, cricket, netball and track and field uniforms, they are feeling extra confident. This afternoon at the school in Welches, St. Thomas, Western Union, a subsidiary of BS&T, presented students with uniforms worth an estimated $10,000.

Physical education teacher Rodney Forde thanked BS&T, which he said has been supporting the school for close to a decade, for their continued assistance.

“They’ve been really great… without their help it would have been really tough to source the games-clothes, especially in this time. Having new uniforms gives the students an incentive to take part in sports. With non-communicable diseases rising among children, we need them to be active.

“Also working in sports helps them to co-operate and learn how to work as a team. We are trying to develop a mindset in these children where sports is an outlet for success,” he told†Barbados TODAY.

Forde said some of the previous uniforms were very tattered and worn out while in the case of the track and field uniforms there were non-existent. The gear will benefit almost 50 children.

Western†Union manager Christina Johnson made the presentation to the school.†(KC)††

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