T&T gov’t orders CAL to submit report

Vasant Bharath.

PORT OF SPAIN — Chairman of Caribbean Airlines Ltd, Rabindra Moonan, has been ordered to submit a report to the Ministry of Finance.

This comes on the heels of a Guardian report that the airline’s vice-chairman, Mohan Jaikaran, requested complimentary airline tickets for a Mother’s Day concert scheduled for New York City and Toronto this weekend, at a cost of US $20,000 for 19 people. Jaikaran is a co-promoter of the concert.

Speaking to reporters yesterday during the opening session of the Caribbean Growth Forum, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port-of-Spain, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Vasant Bharath confirmed the matter was engaging the attention of the government.

“Both Howai (Minister of Finance, Larry) and I have requested a full report from the chairman of Caribbean Airlines on this matter. Clearly there was a previous report also, of a similar nature, which had not been substantiated but we are awaiting that report. We hope to get it soon,” Bharath said.

Asked whether there were parameters within which the chairs of the national airline operated, Bharath said: “Well, of course, anything is possible. One would hope there are systems in place to ensure that there are proper governance procedures.

“As I say, it would be premature to make a statement on it until we get the report.”

Bharath also confirmed that there was a meeting between members of the management and executive team concerning the way forward for the airline but no decision has yet been made.

He added: “Both Howai and I do have a report from CAL. In fact, Caribbean Airlines made a presentation to Howai and myself yesterday morning. The deputy chairman (Mohan Jaikaran) and CEO (acting CEO Robert Corbie) had made a presentation in terms of the way forward. We are considering that.

“We are engaging the services of an overseas consultant to assist with the restructuring and making it more efficient and more profitable.” (Guardian)

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