Tots tour places of interest

tpetedenlodgequeensparkThe tiny tots of Eden Lodge Nursery had a treat yesterday with trip to Ilaro Court and then Queen’s Park.

Subject Coordinator, Shelly Leacock, explained that the school’s theme for the year was I Am Bajan, and this term they were focusing on places of interest in Barbados — hence yesterday’s outings.

“The children were quite excited. They were split into two groups [at Ilaro Court] and the children were able to tour the dining room, look at the crystal [dining settings] … In general they had a good time,” said Leacock.

The group was 95 strong, consisting of three- and four-year-olds, whom the teacher said especially enjoyed the swimming pool of which they all stood in awe.

The students then went on to Queen’s Park where they had lunch and also toured the park.

“They were not able to go into the solar house because it was closed, but they had a great time exploring outside of it. Then we showed them the baobab tree and they were so excited about that. They got to examine it closely and discuss the texture of the tree trunk, the bark of the tree.

“In all it was an entire learning experience because they were able to use sight, touch, smell in their experience in the Park… We will follow up this [today] where we gather them together and they will get a chance to share their experiences. They will get to draw their pictures and talk about what some of their favourite things were today,” she said.

She noted that the school was also looking at the possibility of touring other places of interest to help broaden the knowledge and experiences of the young students. (LB)

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