Four arrested in raid

A police raid in Clapham Park, St. Michael last night, resulted in the arrest of four persons on related charges of drug possession.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch, said today that officers of the Drug Squad executed a warrant on 102 Clapham Park around 7 p.m. and forced their way into the house after occupants did not respond to their calls.

Kevin Erskine Raymond King
Kevin Erskine Raymond King

Valerie Loretto Cooke, 52, of that address and Kevin Erskine Raymond King, 36, also known as Bard International, of Cherry Drive, Oxnards, St. James were jointly charged with possession, possession with intent to supply and trafficking 265 grams of cannabis.

Gedalia Benn-King, 24, of the Clapham address was charged with possession of a small quantity of cannabis and Ronald Ricardo Bayley, 43, also of that address, was charged with possession, possession with intent to supply and trafficking 112 grams of cannabis.

All of the accused appeared in District “A” Magistrates Court today, where Cooke and King were granted $10,000 bail with one surety and are to return to court on July 26.

Bayley was granted bail in the amount of $5,000 with one surety to also return to court on July 26, while Benn-King pleaded guilty to his offence and was fined $750 forthwith or one week in jail.

In another case also today, Pedro Deroy Ellis, 34, of Parris Gap, Wesbury, St. Michael, who was charged yesterday with the murder of Antonio Harewood of Knights Land, Westbury, was remanded to Dodds until June 6. (LB)

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