Big hypocrites

As expected I was lambasted for last week’s column. I was even called a homosexual in a very colourful, Bajan way with some choice adjectives.

Nonetheless, I want to make a distinction here between the homosexual and what Bajans refer to in that derogative term that begins with “B”.

Many persons refer to the homosexual sex as nasty. I have to agree that it seems very unnatural, but all of this speaks to the type of society we really are. A society predicated on and defined by sex.

It is possible for persons to be in loving relationships minus sex, intimate without sex; sex should not be mistaken for love.

There is suddenly a great uprising about homosexuality and fire and damnation for the church for not speaking out against it – and I suppose some of us will be banished to a life in hell’s fire. But when I think seriously about it I must confess that the church is a big hypocrite when it comes to homosexuality. The high and mighty, oh so righteous, judgmental approach we take sometime leaves me wondering.

I have encountered people who don’t come to church, who don’t go church, who cuss the church at every opportunity as a cesspool of sin and iniquity populated by individuals who are going straight hell. But suddenly the church has to do something.

Just for the record, society does not set the tone for and direct the church, it is, or rather should be, quite the opposite.

I struggle sometime to figure out what principals we are living by, what moral frame work is guiding us, what religious parameters are we operating within.

In case we forgot, persons have rights, and freedom to associate with whom they want is one of those rights. If they do not want to associate with our religious thinking, that is their right also.

I have not found anything in the Bible that tells us to sideline or segregate the homosexual. However, I have found Jesus saying on a few occasions to love each other, encouraging us to work together. This is where the attention of the church ought to be, building up rather than tearing down.

Instead of searching through the Bible and stressing that a man lying with a man is an abomination to God, we need to take stock of the Ten Commandments and examine our own lives.

If we truly understood love we would embrace rather than try to marginalise. But in many spheres love is associated with sex or even mistaken for love. We simply don’t know how to love.

We somehow sum up homosexuality with buggery when the two are not one and the same. Again this speaks to the in-your-face nature of our society. There are lots of people who say they do not have an issue with homosexuality but would be very uncomfortable in the presence of two men or two women kissing.

I still don’t believe there is anything wrong with the homosexual. For me to condemn the homosexual is to say that God made a mistake, that he didn’t quite get that one right. My God is always on point.

The problem in my opinion is our behaviour, where we now need to make public all our business, sexual and otherwise. While we all have rights we also have responsibilities and chief among them is to make sure we don’t encroach on another’s rights. There is a certain decency and decorum that our society seems to be lacking.

We need to be mindful however that God made us all and there is nothing too righteous about the “Christian” that makes him or her better than the homosexual.

I don’t believe homosexuality will prevent entry into heaven, I am assured though that failure to forgive and love will.

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