A mother’s love

by Samantha Hazlewood

Samantha and her son Malachi.
Samantha and her son Malachi.

Sometimes I sit in awe when I look at Malachi Zaire Hazlewood. It amazes me that five years ago, my life was empty, I cannot and would not want to imagine him not being with me.

I am not even sure how to express what I like about being a mother. It has been a life changing experience. The once carefree lifestyle I enjoyed has been stunted and the focus of responsibility takes the fore. I am not saying that it has been a walk in the park, far from! As a single parent, it is hard to juggle your time and play the role of mummy and daddy. Especially while studying, and working two jobs, but I have a great support team of my mum and sister and his god-parents take their responsibility seriously.

People always talk about love, and how they feel this passion towards another person, but I honestly don’t think I’ve really known love, well not until November 23, 2007 at 2:15 am, when this precious little boy was given to me. My son, has many of my characteristics, he’s stubborn! And very independent, I recall before he was born being at the beach, I was reading a book and one of my friends started talking to me and I rest the book on my stomach, imagine, my son kicked the book right off my stomach, so from even before birth, I knew he was a force to be reckoned with! The morning he was born, all I remember asking my mother who was in the room with me was, “it’s a boy right?” I always wanted a son, not sure why! Could be that I can’t cornrow! My mother said, she was so amazed that the first thing my son did was hold up his head and look around, she was like, how on earth can he be lifting his head already? On his first day home, I sat and watch him as he turned over, and I knew right then, that my son was going to be a determined individual who doesn’t let anything get in his way.

What I really love about being a mother, is those days when I come home stressed, or feeling a little down, there are always these little hands that wrap themselves around me and say, “mummy I love you…” It is the best feeling in the world, and even when he does something naughty, one look at him and I can’t stay mad!

I wouldn’t trade my son for the world! He’s the best thing I’ve EVER received.

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