Love yourself

I remember that my great grandmother always told me when I was a teenager to love myself. Honestly, at first I could not understand why she would keep reiterating this statement over and over again, but now I know why. We have to love and accept ourselves for who we are, because if we don’t how can we expect others to.

Too often we let those around us tell us who we should be or what we should not become. So many times we get into relationships and instead of making our partners accept us for who we are, we conform to what they want. This is something I will never understand. There must have been an initial reaction to cause one person to be drawn to the other so why then should anyone have to change.

Sometimes you hear of persons who may be in abusive relationships and sometimes you wonder why they are still there. Some persons believe that they won’t be able to find someone else to love them, but I believe that the underlying problem is that they don’t love themselves or know their worth.

If someone hits you once, they can hit you again, and if you stay when they hit you once there is a likelihood that you will stay if they hit you again.

Why do so many of us dress not to suit our figure but dress in what is most fashionable at the time instead of what we look good in. Some of us do this just to blend in with what is trendy; we do not accept our body shape and understand that everything will not be flattering on us. Again this is just an example of how many of us who do not love ourselves or accept ourselves for who we are.

Many of us sit and watch television and surf the Internet and see images telling us what beauty should like. Some of us purchase expensive things to look like celebrities, others even starve themselves. Who said what beauty should look like? Do we not realize that we are all unique and beautiful in God’s sight?

I thank God every day for the parents, grand parents and guardians who instill in their children from an early change to love and accept themselves for who they are. I have come to realise that those children are the ones who prosper. They never allow any one or anything to get them down, they are positive and they are the ones who are successful.

I take this opportunity to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, expectant mothers, god mothers, and fathers who are playing the mother’s role. Never for one moment doubt how important are your roles. You are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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