Home drums beat for Bravo

Bryan Davis.
Bryan Davis.

Trinidadian eyes are smiling.

And it is all about Dwayne Bravo taking over the captaincy of the West Indies One-Day International team from Darren Sammy. Sammy remains Test and T20 captain.

Former West Indies batsman Bryan Davis, ex-T&T captain and chairman of T&T selectors Dudnath Ramkessoon and another former T&T batsman, Claude Phillip have all agreed that the selectors’ move was a good decision and an overdue one.

On the weekend, Davis, also an administrator at Queen’s Park Oval, where Bravo plays his club cricket, said the selectors’ choice was a “positive” one.

“My personal feeling is that in nowadays cricket, having to be captain in all three formats is a bit difficult for one man,” said Davis. “So I approve the change, and I think Dwayne Bravo would be a good choice to lead the 50-overs team, mainly because of that. It’s too much stress and strain on one person.”

Davis said Bravo would bring “experience, enthusiasm, lots of exuberance” to the table.

“He’s a very responsible man and I think he will play the cricket with the same relish and verve. It’s something I think he will take in his stride. He was captain of our Under-21 team some years ago.

“I think they made the right decision. I believe that it’s a very positive decision.”

Ramkessoon called the move a “good selection”.

“Bravo has been around he has displayed a level of enthusiasm. He is different in terms of his captaincy. You see him trying different things and his spirit and enthusiasm will being a lift to the team.

“Added, I think it’s a good thing to give the captain Darren Sammy a little break, let him focus a little on his game.”

And Phillip said it was a “great move”.

“It should have been done before, but better late than never. A lot of the big teams in the world (have separate captains for different version of the game).”

He pointed out that India seems to be the only “big team” persisting with one captain, MS Dhoni, leading in all three formats.

“It’s been going on around the world and you wonder why we allow just one person to captain all three versions. I didn’t like that because it’s a lot of pressure on the captain.

“What you would do in a Test you (might not) do in (a) 50 overs (match), and what you would do in T20 is different. (There are) different tactics for every version of the game. We didn’t follow the big countries who have been successful. It’s a welcome change to use Bravo.”

Phillip also pointed out that captaincy could bring the best out of players, using the late Joey Carew under whom Phillip played for T&T as an example, and felt Bravo would see the same result.He was also impressed with Bravo’s captaincy for West Indies against Zimbabwe in March when Sammy was rested as skipper.

“I thought it was good for the selectors they went for Bravo, and he obliged them by doing a brilliant job.” (windiescricket)††

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