Extraordinary art!

bccartabovemeThe level of art being produced by the students in the Fine Arts programme at the Barbados Community College is extraordinary.

Coordinator of visual arts, Russell Hatcher, who told Bajan Vibes he was very proud, described the pieces as “ambitious, inventive and creative”.

Hatcher was talking specifically about the students’ 2013 graduation portfolio titled PRI.OR.I.TY which goes towards the final grade for their Associate degree and which also comprised of an art journal.

“Everyone performed above expectations, they really pushed themselves and we were really pleased. This is one of the highest levels of work we’ve seen in a while especially the ones who work in a conceptional way. They are thinking outside of the box and being more inventive.

“Every year it is progressing to the next level maybe because the first years see what the second years do for their portfolios and they want to improve on it but the quality is very high. I don’t want to single out anyone but our high quality teachers helped each student to produce high quality work,” he said.

The exhibition opened on Monday and was on display at the Morning Side gallery at the college in the Ivy, St. Michael until May 17.

The showcase consisted of a wide range of art: animations, installations, paintings,† drawings, sculptures including ceramic and fibre glass. Art made from hand-made paper in addition to recycled materials.

Forty eight promising young artists and graphic designers have their work on display. The number, which was made up of 14 graphic students and 34 fine arts students was the second biggest graduating class. (KC)†††††

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