Bringing out the youth

northernmassjuniourbandconsultThe northern communities are set to come alive with the launch of a new Junior Kadooment band.

This year Northernmas, led by son of the soil, Randy Woodroofe is bringing On Line which was launched last Saturday, May 4 at the Speightstown Esplanade in St. Peter.

Giving Bajan Vibes a sneak peak of what is to be expected he declared it would be fun, party, excitement and plenty of colour for his 140 plus anticipated revellers.

The theme of On Line reflects the connections between youth and the internet. This was portrayed through four sections: Games- focussing on the most popular on-line game Angry Birds, this section targeted children five years and under, the yellow costumes are for the boys and the girls will wear red. Vulnerability, for six to eight year-olds, portrayed through Viruses (females) and Worms (males).

Social Networks- Facebook (male) and Twitter (female) was reserved for nine to 11-years-old while children 11 years and up would†depict Search Engines such as Yahoo and Google. Within each section, there would be individuals and couples:The Creeper, Iclouds, The Worm, The ISP and 4G.

The costumes were designed by Woodroofe as well as some past and present students of the Coleridge & Parry School who were either interested in or pursuing fashion design at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic or in the case of Sheriece Marshall, A level Art at the Combermere School.


Woodroofe, who is also a teacher at the Ashton Hall, St. Peter School, told Bajan Vibes though it was his first time bringing a band, back in the 1980’s he participated in a Kadooment band brought by some members of the Speightstown community. This he declared, was one of his main reasons for bringing On Line this year.

“As a first timer Northernmas† was founded to provide juniors from the north of the island with the perfect Kadooment mix which reflects our cultural heritage and the diversity of our people. Speightstown was once the forerunners of festivals, in the early days we would have boat racing, crab racing, goat racing, moses racing,” he said.

“Clement Armstrong of Fisherman’s Pub brought the Speightstown Dooflicky then we had the first carnival outside of Crop-Over, De Las’ Lap but that never developed. I know it won’t happen this year but I would like to see the festive atmosphere back up here. People want to do things in St. Peter, I don’t know why you would have to go to ‘Town for the experience when we got a big esplanade down here. People glad to see these things in the North and we shouldn’t have to go to Oistins on a Friday night for entertainment.”

The band house is located at Queen’s Street Road in St. Peter opposite the Seventh Day Adventist Church. (KC)

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