BLP gave recycling plant green light

donvilleinnissparliamentmay2013The then Barbados Labour Party administration ignored the advice of the technocrats of the day when permission was granted to B’s Recycling to operate in Cane Garden, St. Thomas.

St. James South MP, Donville Inniss, levelled this charge today at the former BLP Administration while speaking on the acquisition of 16 acres of land at Vaucluse, St. Thomas, for the establishment of a waste-to-energy plant.

Inniss charged that while the current parliamentary representative for St. Thomas sat in Parliament, the people of St. Thomas were facing the same problem of which she complained yesterday.

“The truth of the matter is that under the BLP the B’s operation was granted permission to operate an agricultural project on the site. It was the same Chief Town Planner who Forde stood up here and castigated that had advised that B’s in Cane Garden was illegal.

“I want the people of St. Thomas to know that it was their current MP, who sat and aided and abetted the other members of the BLP in granting permission to B’s Bottling to set up the operation in Cane Garden. The DLP should be commended and applauded for attempting to correct the mess that was created by the honourable member for St. Thomas and her team,” Inniss charged.

The St. James South MP told fellow parliamentarians that when Forde spoke about rodent infestation and pollution in St. Thomas, she should tell them that it was under a government of which she was a member that the problem was created.

He said: “The honourable member for St. Peter as minister responsible for Town Planning ignored the advice of the chief town planner and all of the technocrats, including the Environmental Protection Department, the Ministry of Health, and said, ‘Hold off! Do not touch that operation’.

“I did not hear the honourable member for St. Thomas speak so eloquently in defence of her constituents then. I respect any representative who protect the interests of their constituents. I want to say that the residents of Reece Road, Cane Garden and Bagatelle have every right to enjoy the comforts of their homes that they purchased and lived there for years.

Inniss argued that as a member of the Owen Arthur administration, it was the parliamentary representative for St. Thomas who supported the expansion of B’s at Cane Garden. (NC)

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