A mass of energy

costumebettywest2013The state of the recession has influenced the designs of veteran designer, Betty West’s, 2013 Kadooment mas band collection but don’t expect less quality from her.

In fact, she told Bajan Vibes, this year’s collection is as good as or maybe even better than last year’s offering. And the scores of persons in attendance at the launch last Saturday night at Steppers Beach Bar in Bay Street the City were also agreement.

It is called Renewable Energy In De Mas and has seven sections: Solar Energy – which would depict the sun and was yellow, Wind Energy will showcase wind turbines, especially in the head pieces, Hydro Energy, similar to water will display iridescent colours. The bronze, gold and brown costumes, which she noted received a tremendous amount of interest, were based on Earth Energy, Bio Energy will be green , Ocean Energy – shades of blue and Hydrogen Energy will be purple and pink.

Males need not worry because West ensured that their costumes, just as the females are, were also of a very high quality.

“There were not an after thought, the male costumes are unbelievable; lovely head pieces, chest pieces and trousers made of really high quality materials. The Betty West band wants to be different, when I create something it will portray what I say it will. My costumes are pretty and sexy but not nude… and no feathers.

costumemfbettywest2013“I love to be in competition, I love to come better and better, I feel very good about the mas I produced this year and pray the Lord gives me health and strength to carry on. It is going to be hard work and some challenges but I am prepared and I have a good working team,” she said.

This year, the 22-year veteran would cater for 400 revellers.

Though times are tough, she said, in addition to “working with what you get” and with the help of partners like: Solo Solutions, Superior Plastics, Mount Gay Distilleries, Banks Holdings, Coca-cola, Caribe Beach bar, DB Productions and Steppers Beach bar she was able to defer some of the cost to the revellers and was able to offer them costumes and packages not surpassing $450. And she was advising people to get theirs early, “the earlier the better” since discounts were also being offered.

The band house opens on May 15, it is located on Maxwell main road in Christ Church next to the Croton Inn. (KC)†

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