Warning issued to motorists

A few of the dirt bikes.
A few of the dirt bikes.

Get yourselves in order because the Royal Barbados Police Force is stepping up patrols for motor vehicle violations on the roads.

That was the warning of Police Public Relations Officer Inspector David Welch and Station Sergeant Rodney Inniss of the Traffic Division, today as both officers noted that there were still persons driving without a legitimate licence, road tax, insurance.

During a press conference this morning at District “A” Police Station, Station Hill, St. Michael, Inniss noted that the division was continuing efforts to be proactive with the challenges they were facing from operators of motor vehicles, including cyclists.

Confirming that having to dedicate resources to police violations by motorcyclists was a strain, Inniss said: “We are proactive as a road policing department and as road users yourselves, there are several problems out there that we deal with from time to time. Illegal drivers is something out there that we deal with from time to time with our patrols, but when issues like this arise we have to focus a lot more energy and resources towards bringing it to an end. Meanwhile all the other traffic matters are still going on.

“Traffic management is quite dynamic. Our department just like the police force in other places, [has only] so much resources and therefore it puts a strain on our resources to have to focus on a particular area. However, it is our job to make sure that the streets of Barbados are safe and we will prioritise where necessary to make sure that this does not continue to get out of hand,” he said.

Welch maintained that this and other violations by road users in general was one of the reasons Barbadians could expect to see stepped up action on the roads soon.

“What you will be able to see in the coming weeks is … a heightened police presence, especially with relation to the Traffic Department on the roads. You would have seen in the last two to three weeks, special operations being put on not only in the environs of Bridgetown, but also we have even gone as far as St. John in relation to these matters.

“So we would continue our efforts looking at the different offences that would have been occurring and we are appealing to those motorists whose particulars, especially with relation to insurance and driver’s licences, are not in order, to have them in order as soon as possible. We recently heard from another body which has concern with that; that is why we are making this appeal,” said Welch. (LB)

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